I take a lot of pictures. I really do take a lot of pictures.

If you want to see what I love most about my life, you are at the right place.

I really like architecture but you will rarely see a photo of a pretty building here... What you will see is a photo which is focusing on a specific aspect of that building that, in my opinion, hosts its soul

I really like taking pictures of kids... The innocence, the wonder, the fantasy, the excitement in their eyes... Reminds me of the time that is now forever lost

Music... Music is my meditation... Music is my inspiration... Music is my challenge... But I am learning... And you, my dear visitor, will have to suffer through it with me...

I love faces...I think faces speak to us more than words do because emotions in those faces often show what words try to hide... Yes, faces often have masks but no mask can hide the honesty portrayed in ones eyes.

And more than anything, I love to travel! The people, the culture, the agelessness of the world around us and being able to witness first hand the wonders our world has set upon us, that to me is worth living for! And that is also the bigest photographical emphasis on this website! Travel the world with me, you won't be sorry! Oh and I hope you don't mind the fact that some of my older travel photographs may not be of the same quality.